Visa for the USA for Thai citizen

Visa for the USA for Thai citizens

Visa for America

Thai passport holders are required visa to enter to the United States.

How to apply for business/tourist visa

  1. Complete DS-160 form
  2. Pay visa fee
  3. Schedule your appointment
  4. Visit the US embassy

Required documents

  1. Printed of your appointment letter
  2. Your DS-160 confirmation form
  3. One photograph taken within the last 6 months
  4. Your current and previous passport
  5. Original visa fee receipt
  6. Personal documentation
  7. Current proof of income , take payment or property or business ownership
  8. Travel itinerary
  9. Employment letter
  10. Additional base on your purpose of travel :  student, business , relative proof’s status (e.g green card, naturalization certificate,  valid visa, etc)

Note :  When applying for US visa you are requiredุ  to upload digital photograph (within the last 6 months). You will also be fingerprinted when you arrive for your interview at the US embassy. Visa processing time will take 3 working days.