We will take care of everything for you. Not only will you obtain your visa, but you will also have someone you can trust and who can assist you before and during your retirement period.


My name is Wandee Jongkraijak, I’m a Thai citizen from Trang, a neighbouring province of Phuket. I have been living in Phuket for over 14 years and been enjoying my life here.
I married with French citizen Lionel Vicente the one who moved here to spend his life in Phuket with me. My husband working for property and also being a secretary of the director of French association in Phuket called “UFE Phuket”.
The reason I decided to provide visa service for non-immigrant (O) visa retirement and dependant on a Thai citizen (marriage visa) is because I have been working for the Irish Consulate in Phuket for almost 7 years.
During my mission at the consulate, I enjoyed a lot giving information and assisting Irish citizens travelling and living here with their retirement or marriage visas.
People contacted me for advice i.e. visas, business, lawyer, and licenses I always gave them good contacts and useful information.

Starting September 2018, I decided to work on my own assisting foreign retirees settling in Phuket. Being a local person with the desire to guide and share my experience with everyone. I wish everyone a good and safe life here in Phuket, Thailand.

I also provide service for Thai citizen who wish to travel or visit friends and family abroad, especially in Europe.

Packages for Thai citizens

3,500 THB
Submit online/fill the application form
Provide list of documents required
Arrange appointment with embassy or visa centre
7,500 THB
Same services as the STANDARD package +
Prepare flight itinerary and hotel reservation
Draft applicant letter
Full review of your application

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