Get a driving licence in Phuket

Get a driving licence in Phuket

Driving license

If you wish to drive in Thailand you need to get Thai driving license. it is illegal to drive in Thailand without a valid driving license. In case of an accident while driving without a valid driving license, your vehicle insurance will be invalidated.
International driving licences are accepted for only 90 days. if you intend to live longer than that in Phuket, you will need to get a Thai driving license.
To get a Thai driving license, and in case you have a valid international driving licence from your home country, you won’t need to pass the driving test. you will only be required to watch a video and do some physical and practical tests.

Required documents:

  1. Passport with non-immigrant visa
  2. Certificate of residence that you can get from your embassy or from the immigration in Phuket to confirm your address.
  3. Health certificate
  4. International driving license or national driving license (not all countries are eligible)

The process of getting a Thai driving licence takes about half a day. You must submit your papers with land and transport department before 08.30 am. You will be then required to to sit and watch an educational video, take a written exam on computer and do some physical and practical tests (eyes, breaking action).
If you don’t have a license from your country, you will have to bust a practical driving test in the afternoon.


Phuket Provincial Land Transport Office
Address : 42/1 Rattankosin Song Roy Pee Road, Taladnua, Muang, Phuket 83000
Tel: +6676214930
Email : [email protected]